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Umaversity The Event: Intimacy for Everyone

13:00 - 18:00

€ 25 - € 49.50


Join us on November 26th for the Umaversity Event - a day dedicated to exploring every facet of INTIMACY. Bring your partner, your best friend, brother/sister, colleague, friends with benefits. Everyone is welcome!

There will be expert talks, workshops, a panel, a market with organizations and foundations around sexual wellness, live music & poetry and so much more!

🔥 Discover the art of Pleasure both alone, with a partner and with TOYS!

🌈 Learn to build a safe haven for intimacy, fostering trust and vulnerability.

🩸 Dive into an expert talk about the menstrual cycle and contraception, embracing empowerment through knowledge.

🌿 Explore the diverse world of non-monogamy, guided by personal stories from those who've lived it.

🌹 Immerse yourself in the world of tantric practices, enhancing connection and intimacy in relationships.

🗣️ Master the language of open communication, expressing desires and boundaries with confidence.

But that's not all!

🎶 Enjoy live music and poetry that touch the heart, and indulge in a market showcasing an array of organizations and brands dedicated to your well-being.

Oh, and did we mention the fabulous goodie bags? 🎁

This event promises an enriching experience that embraces every aspect of intimacy.


Date: 26 november 2023

Time: 13:00 - 18:00

Doors open: 12:30

Location: Overhoeksplein 3, Adam & Co, Amsterdam

Don't miss out on this unforgettable day of growth, empowerment, and connection. Secure your spot now and be ready to take home a bundle of goodies and wisdom that'll enrich your intimate journey!

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