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Who: Women+

Why: a female+ empowering retreat that lets you experience Rio’s highlights, nature, and culture, come in contact with yourself whilst being with an inspiring group of women+

When: March 8 - 16 2024

Duration: 9 days, 8 nights

Group size: 13 total

Accomodation: Villa Alexandrino

Before booking one of our retreats, please refer to our full terms and conditions HERE.

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“Embark on a magical Rio retreat with AMAZING WOMEN+, embracing your inner goddess and forming lasting connections."
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  • Want to fulfill your lifelong dream of experiencing the magic of Rio de Janeiro

  • Seek to connect with your inner female+ goddess, rediscovering the strength, beauty, and wisdom within you

  • Love to meet inspiring women+ forming heart-to-heart connections, and creating lasting bonds beyond the retreat

  • Desire experiences that touch your soul with the vibrant colors, sounds, and flavors of Brazilian culture

  • Long for the tropical weather, getting sun-kissed on the beach or by the pool

  • Yearn to lose yourself in the hypnotic melodies of live samba music

  • Seek not just a trip but a transformative emotional journey of self-discovery and leaving an everlasting imprint on your heart


The Host


Host & Guide


Host & Coordinator


Host and Guide


Sexual wellness coach &  Massage therapist



Samba & Twerk teachers

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​Villa Alexandrino is a family house that was built 150 years ago and renovated a few years ago. Let the history and the magic of the house and neighborhood charm you.

In the center of Rio and on top of a hill, Santa Teresa is the place to discover Rio with its culture and artistic places but also to enjoy some beaches at about 20 min from Copacabana and Ipanema.