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Umaversity was created by artist Jo Sarah, to help create awareness around the female+ body, both to improve sexual experiences for people who identify as women and/or have a vulva and strive for greater sexual equality.  
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We created Umaversity to have a safe space to learn & share about your female+ experience: your sexuality, your bodies & your sex life, so we can debunk myths & taboos while improving our experiences in an open and loving way! 
The combination of art, science, psychology, and spirituality is what makes Umaversity so unique.
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New website - HOME (1).png
New website - HOME (1).png
Jo Sarah is an artist & producer based in Amsterdam who makes music about everything surrounding the female+ sexuality and being a woman+. She is passionate about changing the narrative about women+ and their sexuality with her music.
"I believe that when women+ learn more about their sexuality and bodies, it will empower them and bring out their full potential and maybe even avoid unnecessary and unpleasant situations”.
A Umaversity Ambassador is a powerful, inspiring spokesperson who stands up for better education about female+ bodies and sexuality and for the rights of people who identify as woman and/or have a vulva. 
All the Umaversity Ambassadors have the ability to reach many people (± 600k) in their communities and set an example of change.

Working With the Best  Partners

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