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Our Goal

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Where we talk & share on and being an (3
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Umaversity website (2).png


Umaversity was created by artist Jo Sarah, to help create awareness around the female+ body, both to improve sexual experiences for people who identify as women and/or have a vulva and strive for greater sexual equality.  


Why is umaversity

NEEDED & different?

We created Umaversity to have a safe space to learn & share about your female+ experience: your sexuality, your bodies & your sex life, so we can debunk myths & taboos while improving our experiences in an open and loving way! 

The combination of art, science, psychology, and spirituality is what makes Umaversity so unique.

Umaversity website (2).png
Where we talk & share on and being an (3
Where we talk & share on and being an (3

26 November 2023, ADAM & CO - Amsterdam

An event for everybody to learn, share, and connect about their bodies & sexuality.

Bring your partners, best friends, lovers!

our last event

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expert talks/WORKSHOPS

Experts on female+ sexuality will give a talk and workshops about important subjects around female+ bodies and the myths. These talks are inspiring, educational, and informational.


panels on taboos

Panels with women+ from different backgrounds that discuss taboos regarding female+ bodies and sexuality. We believe that listening & sharing each other's experiences will bring unity and understanding.

umaVERSITY market

At the Umaversity Market there will be plenty of time to walk around and get to know the different foundations and brands that cater to people that identify as women and/or have a vulva.


concert, ART & sensual poetry

Beautiful live concerts, personal exhibitions of Art, sensual erotic poetry. Everything to create intimate, safe and inspiring atmosphere!    


come to our next event!

get your ticket now!


Jo Sarah is an artist & producer based in Amsterdam who makes music about everything surrounding the female sexuality and being a woman. She is passionate about changing the narrative about women+ and their sexuality with her music.

Where we talk & share on and being an (3

“When I started learning more about my sexuality, my anatomy and its possibilities, I noticed that I was getting stronger, had way more fun, and I also discovered so many new things about myself."

"I believe that when women+ learn more about their sexuality and bodies, it will empower them and bring out their full potential and maybe even avoid unnecessary and unpleasant situations”.

Uma Ambassadors

A Umaversity Ambassador is a powerful, inspiring spokesperson who stands up for better education about female+ bodies and sexuality and for the rights of people who identify as woman and/or have a vulva. 


All the Umaversity Ambassadors have the ability to reach many people (± 525k) in their communities and set an example of change.

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Sign up to be considered as an UMAversity Ambassador

Thank you!

Did you know?

Did you know that a lot of women+ around the world have never learned about the anatomy of their own vulva?


without knowing your body, how could you know what gives you the best pleasure?

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