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Join us for a full Sunday afternoon where you can connect, share, and learn about all forms of Intimacy through Expert talks, Workshops, and a Panel. As well as through live performances, art, and a market. Intimacy is all about communication, safety and pleasure! Bring your partner or bestie to learn, share, and connect together. 

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We are excited to announce that this edition will dive deeper into our three main pillars around intimacy: communication, pleasure and safety! Ready to learn more about your body and how it connects to your intimacy?

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If you've ever wondered about the flavors of pleasure and how to enhance it, this is your golden opportunity...

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Knowledge is power, and it's time to level up. So let's uncover the mysteries, the myths, and the magic of The Menstrual Cycle & Birth Control...

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Join us for an enticing panel discussion, where you will find individuals from all walks of life discussing taboo topics we would be too scared to bring up at a dinner table.

Discover the World of Non-Monogamy! Join our panel of love adventurers as they spill the beans on their thrilling journeys through non-monogamous relationships. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of insights and real-life tales on mastering the art of love without limits!


Femke Smit

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Stijn Schenk


Jorna Wierts

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Deepa Paul

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Join our workshops so you can learn how to connect with your body in an intimate, fun, and loving way! Deepen your knowledge of communication, open sexuality, and non-sexual intimacy with yourself or a partner.

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After being in a relationship with a partner who has experienced sexual trauma Stijn created a toolkit together with consent and me-too coach Legien Warsosemito that supports victims of sexual violence and their partners. 'I am committed to healing sexual violence and providing training on the conversation about creating a safe space'.
We collaborate with many organizations in the field such as Emancipator, Seksueel Welzijn Nederland, Centrum for Seksueel Geweld. 'I also produce cartoons about sensitive subjects and teach at the University College Haarlem Campus;.

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Nadin is a love and relationship therapist working with couples and individuals. It’s her mission to help people live a love-based life. Her approach is holistic. She combines attachment therapy with a wide variety of exercises and practical love and relationship techniques. Giving clients all the tools they need to build a happy and fulfilling love life. Nadin holds a university degree in Behavioral Science. She’s also trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and Imago Therapy. Her private practice is located in the center of Amsterdam.

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Shayna Mazure-Lubben is an applied psychologist BSc and Tantra teacher. She’s also the founder of emVROUWerment, a Dutch platform with a mission to provide information about the menstrual cycle, sensuality, and sexual pleasure for everybody with a vulva. Together with her husband Stephan Lubben they will facilitate a Tantra workshop at the Umaversity event November 26. Stephan is also a Tantra teacher, breathwork facilitator, and somatic therapist in training. Together they are the founders of the webshop Pleasure Siren, a luxurious brand of natural, glass, and crystal pleasure products.

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At the Umaversity Market there will be plenty of time to walk around and get to know the different foundations and brands!

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We believe that you can also connect with each other and yourself differently through art.

Check out our previous female+ only events to get an idea of the good vibes! 
We are looking forward to this special anniversary edition where we welcome people of
ALL genders, ages, and cultures to come and learn, share, and connect about Intimacy!

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Exciting! Here are your options:

Fun! Here are your options for two:

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Umaversity warmly welcomes individuals aged 18 and above who are curious about exploring, learning, and sharing knowledge related to sexuality, bodies, relationships, love, pleasure, and more.

Our event embraces a diverse community of beautiful people with various experiences, cultural backgrounds, expressions, and identities. To ensure everyone has a fantastic and safe experience, kindly consider our code of conduct below.

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Umaversity is a place of LOVE. We come together to learn, share, and connect with love, not only towards ourselves but also with one another. Let's embrace love in our words and actions, creating a safe and uplifting space to learn, share, and connect.



Discrimination based on gender, culture, or religion is unacceptable in our community. We firmly stand against any form of discrimination and encourage all members of Umaversity to:

  1. Treat every individual with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender, cultural background, or religious beliefs.

  2. Embrace diversity as an enriching aspect of our community and an opportunity for learning and growth.

  3. Speak out against discrimination, and support those who may experience it within our community.

We believe in the power of unity and understanding, and we welcome everyone to Umaversity with open hearts and open minds. Discrimination has no place here, and we pledge to stand together against it while striving to grow and improve.


If you find yourself in a confusing or uncomfortable situation, please address it with the other person involved in a respectful and loving manner. If you need assistance or prefer not to handle it yourself, don't hesitate to seek out one of our Umaversity hosts wearing a Umaversity button.

If you are triggered, feel emotional, or just want to talk to someone you can talk to the Umaversity hosts and Umaversity ambassadors wearing a button. We are here to support you in your learning journey to the best of our abilities. Your well-being is important to us.



We are open to feedback and committed to continuous learning and improvement as both an organization and a community. Your input is invaluable in helping us maintain an inclusive and welcoming space for all.

Lastly, you can only pay by card at the venue.

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Event Location
A’DAM Toren
Overhoeksplein 1
18th Floor A’DAM Toren
1031 KS Amsterdam

Public Transport

  • Take the train, tram, or metro to Amsterdam Central Station

  • Follow the signs ‘IJ-Zijde’ (IJ-Side) to the ferry platforms

  • Take the ferry to ‘Buiksloterweg’ and enjoy a two-minute cruise to Noord (the ferry is available 24/7 and free)

  • Check ‘by foot or bike’ for further instructions

By Foot or bike

  • Once you arrive at ‘Buiksloterweg’, stroll along the IJ promenade and you’ll see me right in front of you,
    I’m hard to miss!

  • Use the right entrance (Overhoeksplein or IJ promenade)

By Car & Parking

  • Navigate to ‘Overhoeksplein 1’ and follow the temporary signs

  • My Pleasuredome is open 24/7

  • Rate: €1,35 per 20 minutes. € 50,- per day (Cards only)

  • Reserve a parking space via:

November Event Website (5).png

Do you have any pressing questions? Please don't hesitate to email us at


We'd be over the moon if you give our socials some love and show some hype for the event.

And, you know what would be epic? Invite your partner and best friends too!

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